Lauri group deals with all refrigeration integrated services, to guarantee a complete service, based on each client’s needs.

  • Construction of isothermic vans for transport at controlled temperature;
  • Commercial vehicle insulation, also to transport frozen products;
  • Production of FRIGO LAMAR refrigeration units
  • Supply and installation of CARRIER, THERMO KING, etc. refrigeration units
  • Supply and installation of tail lifts;
  • Refrigerated vehicle hire;
  • Renewal of ATP certification in our company


Continuous technological innovation, in the production processes, allows us to meet every mobile refrigeration requirement. Each fitting is followed from the design phase, where a dedicated technical office, equipped with the appropriate tools, scrupulously follows the project, which is finalised in the production and installation phase by qualified and highly specialist staff. For this reason, Lauri can offer its clients a real, proper and complete product customisation service, according to specific requirements.

assistenza post vendita

After-sales support

Lauri thoroughly deals with the after-sales service with competent staff and adequate operational means. Alongside the sale, a scheduled technical support service is offered to ensure the fittings guarantee the best performance and efficiency over time.
Technical support also deals with:

  • Administrative consultancy;
  • Support in relations with proposed regulatory authorities;
  • Training courses;
  • Constant availability
rinnovo pratiche

ATP certification renewal

Renewal of ATP certification in our company. The abbreviation A.T.P. stands for “Accord relatif aux Transports internationaux de denrées Périssables et aux engins spéciaux à utiliser pour ces transports”, an international agreement that regulates road transport of perishable foodstuffs. The ATP standard governs the conditions to manufacture vehicles with attention on isothermic installations and refrigeration of lorries intended to transport goods at controlled temperature. ATP certification is valid for 6 years from the date of issue and can be renewed in specialist centres, including Lauri workshops.